Waste heat sources at low-temperature can be recovered

With the use of an adapted Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC), waste heat sources at low-temperature, can be recovered.

An ORC uses a closed circuit with an organic working fluid which can be evaporated and condensed at low temperatures and pressures. The fluid is evaporated and is forced to pass through an expander to generate electricity. These systems are mainly used as heat recovery systems in the industry with medium-temperature ranges (generally in big heat production installations like thermal power plants).

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waste heat

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Industrial Heat Recovery

Our system recovers waste heat from production in industrial processes down to 50ºC. Past of that recovered heat is transformed into electricity that can be used in the production plant.

Data Centres

Data centres produce big amounts of heat to run their servers. With the utilisation of an ORC in their refrigeration cycle, generated electricity can be used to power the servers partially.


Refrigeration cycles pump heat and release it to the environment. Although effective, the process does not utilise the heat for further purposes. With out technology, smaller condensers can be used while producing electricity.

District Heating

Backflow temperatures in district heating networks can be lowered while producing electricity that a CHP plant can use.

The Organic Rankine Cycle

The Organic Rankine Cycle and the process of converting heat into electricity, follows 4 physical processes: Compression, Evaporation, Expansion and Condensation.

These processes are achieved by very matured technology components. However, the process of effectively expand a gas is not straightforward.

With our expander technology, a cost-efficient and effective procedure is achieved, delivering a proportional output of electricity as more heat is supplied to the system.


Expander Technology

In FluidTech, we work with the expander technology by Air Squared. Based on the scroll compressor technology, the custom-made expander is capable to recover heat down to 75ºC.

This expander offers a great advantage against other expander technologies due to its capabilities to work with both dynamic/static pressures and low temperatures.

Our Rankine Cycle

We are currently developing and assembling our complete ORC. To know more about out our product state, check our Media page.