Aalborg University Innovation

Supporting Entrepreneurship at Aalborg University

Since October 2018, FluidTech has been working in Aalborg University innovation program. Through AAU Incubator, we have been participating in workshops as well as getting mentorship.

Thanks to SEA, we have our co-working space at AAU where we are meeting new startups and improving our network every day.

The Incubator is a startup community for students, staff and AAU alumni. The AAU Incubator hosts a series of workshops, programs and social events, giving the necessary knowledge and guidance for any business venturers. 

Currently, there are two Entrepreneurial programs: AAU Startup Program and Innovative Growth. FluidTech takes part on both of these programs, both learning and growing as a business as well as helping other startups with their projects.

Want to know more? Check out SEA webpage and learn exactly what we are doing at AAU Incubator.