Computational Fluid Dynamics

CFD Consultancy

Computational Fluid Dynamic simulations are t he use of numerical simulations to analyse fluid dynamics. Do you need help with your Computational Fluid Dynamics modelling? Our experts are ready to work on your projects.

We offer services of CFD in a large range of sectors. Excelling in external/internal industrial flows and supersonic flows.

CFD simulations save costs in the R&D of projects and prototypes.
There i s a huge amount of f low-base applications that can be checked by computational means before new hardware is developed:

  • Mass transfer (e.g. sediment transport, evaporation)

  • Heat transfer (e.g. HEX, combustion)

  • Chemical reactions (e.g. combustion, kinetics)

  • Forces on solid bodies (e.g. cars, airplanes, pressure losses in pipes)