About Us

“We believe in a future in which de-centralised and sustainable power generation
can be accessible and cost-efficient.”


FluidTech was born with the vision to provide sustainable power generation from waste energy sources. During the past year, we have developed this vision and transform it into reality.

Despite all the research during the past years, only a few solutions implemented in real scenarios; which they have proved the feasibility and reliability of such solutions. FluidTech aims to change the current scenario of low-grade waste heat, to provide also products for low power output for certain industries and households connected to a local district heating network.

FluidTech was funded by a group of graduated engineers in Aalborg (Denmark). Based in Aalborg University and with the assist of startup programs and partnerships, our company has managed to overcome the initial challenges of the business.

Our team

In FluidTech, we are a multidisciplinary team with the aim of iterating and improving the technology behind waste heat recovery to deliver high-quality solutions.

Mikkel K. Guldhammer


Mario J. Rincón


Daniel Fiuza

Head of Engineering

Our Partners and Collaborators