Energy Recovery Solutions

Low-Temperature Energy Recovery

In FluidTech, we are working towards the goal of recovering low-temperature heat. Furthermore, we provide the technology to efficiently use heat and transform it into high grade electricity in the process.

Custom Projects

We work to improve your energy consumption and generation with the latest technology. We adapt to your needs ensuring the best use of energy while taking care of the environment.

Media & Events

We are currently attending to numerous events, thus, to know more about our latest news and events, check out our Media page.

Our Philosophy: A Sustainable & Clean Future

We aim our efforts to deliver sustainable products. Helping to improve the environment and to efficiently use current energy sources is our ultimate goal.

Our Story

From Concept to Product

FluidTech was born with the vision to provide sustainable power generation from waste energy sources. During the past year, we have developed this vision and transform it into reality.

Despite all the research during the past years, only few solutions have been implemented in real scenarios regarding low-temperature waste heat. This is why we aim to change this scenario providing products for power generation in certain industries.

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